Video Presentation – Andreas Psychogyios is ready to GO
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Video Presentation – Andreas Psychogyios is ready to GO

O Andreas Psychogyios preparing again to go to the island, tireless and full of vitality, not to stop preparing. So as part of this preparation, Andreas together with the help of his friends from the clubs and motorcycle Club, prepared a Video presentation of the team that will go to the Isle of Man 2016 Manx Grand Prix.

H Psihogios Tires Racing Team thanks all those who helped and contributed to the creation of the video for the preparation of the Manx Grand Prix 2016.
In particular a big thank you to clubs and club which attended and honored us with their presence and keep the fervent Greek motosykletistiki pareistiki ride but love and passion for it.
Further information:
Varadero Club Hellas
LEMS Motorcycle Club Salamis
Africa Twin Club
BMW Riders Clubs Hellas
MOTO Remalia
Fast Bikers Hellas
tdm Hellas
We are ready to GO!

In the video commentary read as follows:
In Greece, nature, dream, tradition, history, everything is around the corner. And we, the Greek Motorcyclists, we know very well. Odoiporontas with our bike in the land that gave birth to civilization, wrote History and inspired scholars and lovers, we experience a craving a boundless imagination and reality journey. Lacy beaches with blue waters, monuments wrapped in myths and legends, verdant mountains, forests full of fairies and elves, inaccessible mountain villages and wetlands with rare birds are road experiences full of colors, sounds and flavors of Greece.

Greek motorcyclists share with other Europeans moto-travelers the same passion for exploration and discovery, the same available for short or long apodraseis- in Greece, UK, Europe … At every turn of the track, a Greek competitor feels the rear wheel motorcycle to “dance” sweat charakonei his body, adrenaline flooding his cell each. Yet, not closing the throttle instead opens and continues even faster …

In Greece we dare … more! To travel, to strive, to dream with our motorcycle. That’s why we come and in 2016 at the legendary Isle of Man. To re-tighten the hands and to share strong emotions and unique life experiences offer the exciting world of motorcycle …

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